Fabulous and tasty Vegan Puerto Rican Gluten Free Empanadas!

Everyone who tries them, adores them! Packed with sensational Puerto Rican spices, flavoring and love!

Come by the Long Beach downtown Friday Farmers Market and buy some!

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Catering/Private chef services

I have an delicious menu of items from vegan empanadas, alcapuurrias and pastelles to gluten free pumpkin pies, tembleque and besitos de coco.  I can tailor a fabulous menu for your next party and event.

Desire a batch of my delicious meals prepared at your home? Contact me!

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Mobile DJ services, entertainment

Cooking is my game and I also offer DJ services specializing in 70's Disco, house music and old skool R&B. Contact me!

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Soraya's mission:

I'm here to offer the most delicious vegan option to classic Puerto Rican cuisine. Mixing in Asian and  Italian influences to my cooking, hence Puerto Rican fusion Chinese!

Inspired by the great cooks in my family as well as early experiences of Puerto Rican/Chinese restaurants of my childhood.

I'm offering this unique fusion to you all, here in Long Beach California.

I am a native Nuyorican and its awesome to bring my passion for healthy food here to you here in Long Beach California.



Come see about me!

I am available for catering opportunities and private chefing. DJ services available. Frozen food items available upon request!